The SOFIE Foundation (2018 – Present)


As a result of the many workshops I have either led or collaborated on, I founded a Not-For-Profit with a diverse group of artists, designers and technologists to increase and promote diversity in technology and other fields by fusing culture, fashion, and technology into different types of culture-infused #STEAM teaching. We recently hosted the first Indigenous pow-wow tech regalia workshop for young Indigenous girls, and it has already had a significant impact for the Mi’kmaq community in Nova Scotia by allowing them to tell their stories and culture in an entirely new medium.

This Not-for-Profit is supported by NSERC — The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. NSERC is the largest funder of scientific research in Canada, and promotes scientific discovery by funding university professors and students and fosters innovation by encouraging Canadian companies to participate and invest in postsecondary research.