SkyHunter: a Multi-Surface Environment for Supporting Oil and Gas Exploration

Design, Research, Software

The process of oil and gas exploration and its result, the decision to drill for oil in a specific location, relies on a number of distinct but related domains. These domains require effective collaboration to come to a decision that is both cost effective and maintains the integrity of the environment. As we show in this paper, many of the existing technologies and practices that support the oil and gas exploration process overlook fundamental user issues such as collaboration, interaction and visualization. The work presented in this paper is based upon a design process that involved expert users from an oil and gas exploration firm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We briefly present knowledge of the domain and how it informed the design of SkyHunter, a prototype multi-surface environment to support oil and gas exploration. This paper highlights our current prototype and we conclude with a reflection on multi-surface interactions and environments in this domain.



Teddy Seyed, Mario Costa Sousa, Frank Maurer, Anthony Tang: