Proxino: Enabling Prototyping of Virtual Circuits With Physical Proxies

Hardware, Prototyping Tools, Research, Sensing Techniques, Software

We propose blending the virtual and physical worlds for prototyping circuits using physical proxies. With physical proxies, real-world components (e.g. a motor, or light sensor) can be used with a virtual counterpart for a circuit designed in software. We demonstrate this concept in Proxino, and elucidate the new scenarios it enables for makers, such as remote collaboration with physically distributed electronics components. We compared our hybrid system and its output with designs of real circuits to determine the difference through a system evaluation and observed minimal differences. We then present the results of an informal study with 9 users, where we gathered feedback on the effectiveness of our system in different working conditions (with a desktop, using a mobile, and with a remote collaborator). We conclude by sharing our lessons learned from our system and discuss directions for future research that blend physical and virtual prototyping for electronic circuits.


Te-Yen Wu, Jun Gong, Teddy Seyed, Xing-Dong Yang