Medical imaging specialists and 3D: a domain perspective on mobile 3D interactions

Design, Research, Software

3D volumetric medical images, such as MRIs, are commonly explored and interacted with by medical imaging experts using systems that require keyboard and mouse-based techniques. These techniques have presented challenges for medical imaging specialists: 3D spatial navigation is difficult, in addition to the detailed selection and analysis of 3D medical images being difficult due to depth perception and occlusion issues. In this work, we explore a potential solution to these challenges by using tangible interaction techniques with a mobile device to simplify 3D interactions for medical imaging specialists. We discuss preliminary observations from our design sessions with medical imaging specialists and argue that tangible 3D interactions using mobile devices are viable solution for the medical imaging domain, as well as highlight that domain plays an important role in 3D interaction techniques.


Teddy Seyed, Francisco Marinho Rodrigues, Frank Maurer, Anthony Tang