Doppio: A Reconfigurable Dual-Face Smartwatch for Tangible Interaction

Design, Devices, Hardware, Research, Software, Wearables

Doppio is a reconfigurable smartwatch with two touch sensitive display faces. The orientation of the top relative to the base and how the top is attached to the base, creates a very large interaction space. We define and enumerate possible configurations, transitions, and manipulations in this space. Using a passive prototype, we conduct an exploratory study to probe how people might use this style of smartwatch interaction. With an instrumented prototype, we conduct a controlled experiment to evaluate the transition times between configurations and subjective preferences. We use the combined results of these two studies to generate a set of characteristics and design considerations for applying this interaction space to smartwatch applications. These considerations are illustrated with a proof-of-concept hardware prototype demonstrating how Doppio interactions can be used for notifications, private viewing, task switching, temporary information access, application launching, application modes, input, and sharing the top.


Teddy Seyed, Xing-Dong Yang, Daniel Vogel